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Command "dump-autoload" is not defined

publié le 04/11/2015

In order to optimize the way I develop, I recently started writing artisan commands. It is a very good way to accelerate a lot of procedure that were mostly based on copy/paste/replace.

Today I stumbled upon a small problem, I wanted to dump-autoload after some files got created. According to the documentation all you have to do is :


Except that it seems that dump-autoload can't be called this way. After some search over the Internet, It seems I'm not the only one that has this problem but nobody had a solution other than using exec (gloups ...). Looking for an answer I greped the vendor directory in search for references of dump-autoload or dumpAutoload. I found an interesting one in laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Console/Migrations/MigrateMakeCommand.php on line 81.

The solution is simple inject Composer in your command

    public function __construct(Composer $composer)
        $this->composer = $composer;

Then call the dumpAutoloads method of composer :


That will do the trick.

laravel-4/5 artisan dump-autoload

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